Harvesting Market Intelligence
to Guide Your Investment

For over 20 years, we have provided confidential housing market and household assessments for a range of private and public clients. We focus their current positions within known markets and extend their reach into new market opportunities. Our national advisory is served at the pace of each project, development, or community challenge as we advocate without bias for the marketplace in proven approaches and experience.

housing horizon

New residential development. Urban redevelopment. Mixed-use projects. Community planning. These housing endeavors were shifting well before 2020 as new householder demands emerged from the 2007 Recession. Housing attitudes and choices cast in the 1960’s no longer aligned well with our household needs and values. Owners and renters, builders and lenders, planners and civic leaders – continue to face new challenges. Of course, today’s housing market horizon is clouded by extraordinary economic and health safety concerns. More than ever, our housing leadership needs fewer, static market studies and more dynamic market counseling.

how we work

We team with client resources and establish realtime access to their markets. We license and analyze the best national data available. We then model segmented household demands and survey precisely the current housing supply to forecast the optimal position for clients’ housing interests. The collaborations produce a range of valued outcomes, from calibrated multifamily pro forma mixes and their rents, to scaled market research for public finance offerings. Most data outcomes and their work products are durable for up to a year without update allowing sustained market access and reassessment. See the housing samples below.


Principal Michael J. Dinn founded Market Foresight in June 2000 to navigate housing interests throughout the Midwest and today across the nation. His clientele have ranged from national public homebuilders —Ryland Homes and NVR, to housing lenders Wachovia/Wells Fargo, PNC, newly merged Truist Bank and regional First Financial Bank. He has advised over 330 private and public housing teams, from single-family master developments to urban multifamily. He is also under contract with the National Apartment Association for ongoing advisory.


New Housing
Market Advisory

Development Strategies
and Modeling

Community Assessment
and Counsel

Investor Valuation
and Market Risk

Public Finance
Market Research

National Consultant


When business strategies include new residential development, urban redevelopment, mixed-use projects or community market advocacy, consider Market Foresight a national, proven and trusted Advisor.  Email me below to arrange a confidential introduction.

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